We over-complicate things. Love, work, food, schedules.  
I have a passion for breaking down communication barriers to help people hear the unspoken words others are trying to say.
I reject the rhetoric that says nutrition is confusing.
I'm a recovering perfectionist who used to say things like "you sleep when you die" and "balance schmalance."

But, I'm proud to say I've found strength in being vulnerable, and I've discovered that balance is a virtue. 
True, life can get complicated, but simple messages (the ones you tell yourself and the ones you convey to others) can help you navigate any phase. 


One of the saddest things a person can mutter is that they're "out of ideas." It's just not true.
Even in our most uninspired moments, ideas are floating in space just waiting to be grabbed, molded, and released.
There is always a new way to write, solve, create, and say something. Always.

What's the sincerest form of flattery? I believe it's innovation and originality.
Fresh thinking is how you honor the good ideas that have come before yours. 


Happiness is only a few short steps behind enthusiasm.
I believe that finding joy in simple moments and being an active and engaged participant in life is how we keep our souls alive.
I use this approach in my work, too. By embracing every new project, article, client, and meeting with enthusiasm and celebrating the little things, I'm able to accomplish big things. 


about me. 

I've worked in publishing at every level: content creation and editorial planning, scheduling and hiring, research and development, photography and art direction, sales and marketing ... you name it. I've worked at small companies and very large ones. I've worked solo and with great teams. My work has been published in many places, and I'm proud that every intern I've mentored now works at a major consumer magazine. 

the "deets" (official stuff)

I've held the titles of editor-in-chief, senior editor, nutrition editor, content director, and marketing coordinator. 

I graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor of science degree journalism. After working 8 years in publishing, I decided to pursue a degree in nutrition and become a registered dietitian. The 6-year journey of going to school and working full-time is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but in the process I discovered I have a passion for making the complicated uncomplicated. I like to think my journalism degree fueled my right brain and my nutrition degree fed my left brain, so I'm able to combine my creativity and analytical skills every day. Ideas + Data = Magic! 

See my LinkedIn profile for more. 

the "neats" (unofficial stuff)

I became frustrated with a lack of authentic food conversations with the patients I encountered during the clinical rotation of my dietetic internship. So I launched a project to photograph and blog every. single. thing. I ate for an entire year. Yep, everything. I learned a lot about myself in the process and was able to have some of those authentic conversations I was looking for by being fully transparent and vulnerable. During the project, I blogged daily and created monthly infographics to capture my insights.

While in college I played centerfield for the Division I Northwestern University softball team. I wasn't the best player on the team, but I was fast. My claim to softball fame is the time I hit a walk-off three-run homerun, which aired on ESPN, to send our team into the Big Ten Tournament championship. I'm a life-long athlete, always pushing and nurturing my body to accomplish new things. I hope to still be riding my bike in the Colorado mountains well into my late decades of life.

My food weakness? That orangey (is it even real?) cheese that comes with ballpark nachos. I know.

I never had a burning desire to be a mom, but I'm proud to say I am one, to the sweetest, cutest little guy who solidifies my purpose and makes me a better person.